Features of IPO

Apply for your desired IPO shares from the comfort of your home with just a demat account.

Pick from the IPO listings to take advantage of the competitive prices offered by companies.

Get automatic refunds to your bank account in case of no IPO allotment. ASBA facilitates only fund blocking.

Apply for IPO shares through any of our online trading platforms, or with a single click from our Mobile App, or from any of our branch offices.


SME IPOs have earned substantial returns for the investors and SME IPOs usually fetch major pie of any country’s industrial activity.  Know More


Buyback refers to the corporate action where a company repurchases its own shares from the existing shareholders. Know More

Offer for Sale - OFS

An Offer for Sale is a simpler method wherein promoters in public companies can sell their shares. Know More

Current IPOs

Avail the opportunity to invest in the following IPOs that are currently open for subscription

Ascensive Educare Ltd
Issue Open Date
30 Dec 2021
Issue Close Date
04 Jan 2022
Price Range
Issue Size (Rs. in Cr.)
Fabino Life Sciences Ltd
Issue Open Date
31 Dec 2021
Issue Close Date
05 Jan 2022
Price Range
Issue Size (Rs. in Cr.)
Timescan Logistics (India) Ltd
Issue Open Date
31 Dec 2021
Issue Close Date
04 Jan 2022
Price Range
Issue Size (Rs. in Cr.)

Forthcoming IPOs

Stay informed about upcoming IPO listings of companies and make the best of investment opportunities at attractive prices.

Past IPOs

Have a quick look at recent IPO stocks performance right from their listing day to any date in a particular calendar year.

Name Date of Listing Issue Price Listing Price LTP Returns from issue price
as of date

How to Trade

With HDFC securities’ multiple trading platforms, investing in IPO stocks has become easier than ever. Keep track of IPO listings and apply for IPO shares at your convenience using any of our online or offline IPO investment channels.

1. Internet Trading System: Trade IPO stocks instantly by logging into your account from our easy-to-navigate and speedy mPowered trading platform

2. Mobile App: Apply for IPO shares on the go with our Mobile Trading App available on your Android, iPhone or iPad. Give a missed call on 08010945114 to download the app.

3. Call ‘N’ Trade: Never miss out on IPO trading opportunities. Call ‘N’ Trade using our Centralised Dealing Desk at 33553366 (Prefix STD Code) and speak to our trained telebroking executives to place your IPO order at no extra cost.

4. In store: Click Here to find our nearest branch.


Get all your queries answered here

What types of instruments' Initial Public offerings are offered ?

Initial Public offering of the following financial instruments are offered

- Equity shares

- Non-convertible debenture

- Bonds

What is the difference between Fixed price issue and Book Built issue?
On the basis of Pricing, an issue can be further declassified into Fixed Price issue or Book Built issue. Fixed Price Issue: When the issuer at the outset decides the issue price and mentions it in the Offer Document, it is commonly known as "Fixed price issue". Book built Issue: When the price of a...
What is a price band?

The price band is a band of price within which investors can bid. The spread between the floor and the cap of the price band shall not be more than 20%. The price band can be revised. If revised, the bidding period shall be extended for a further period of three days, subject to the total bidding period not exceeding thirteen days.

What is a bid lot?
A Bid-lot is the pre-determined number of shares which have to be applied for by an investor. It is different for each issue. There is a minimum lot size which is pre-decided by the company and mentioned in the application form. Eg: Minimum bid lot in IPO of XYZ co. - 10 Bid-lot Multiples of 10 Pric...

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Investing in IPO
Interested in knowing how an Initial Public Offering (IPO) works and how to apply for an IPO? Watch this video to learn more.
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